Swiss Internet Security Alliance

The “Swiss Internet Security Alliance” was created in 2014 by well-known representatives of the business realm. Our vision is to make Switzerland the most secure Internet country in the world. The purpose of the association is therefore to preventively inform the public of risks and solutions regarding weak points of their Internet-connected devices and to make them aware of potential dangers.

The main focus is on:

  • Quick and effective solutions for malware problems
  • Sustainable protection of systems
  • Comprehensive help for users
  • Reporting security problems
  • Awareness-raising and information
  • More success thanks to cooperation

The following persons represent the board

Chantal Billaud Swiss Crime Pre­ven­tion

Rita Frei Sun­rise

Michael Haus­d­ing Switch

Melissa Näf UPC Schweiz

Daniel Nuss­baumer (Pres­i­dent) Can­tonal Po­lice of Zürich

An­dreas Wuch­ner Credit Su­isse

Who is iBarry?

Barry is probably the best-known Swiss St Bernard. In his role as an avalanche dog he saved more than 40 human lives at the beginning of the 18th century. Today iBarry protects people from Internet dangers and wants to inform the public of current digital threats, raise awareness and thus protect them from large-scale immaterial, technical or financial damage.


The international initiative STOP.THINK.CONNECT. aims at raising awareness of cybersecurity and inform people about countermeasures. Around 700 companies as well as governments and NGOs from over 50 countries are actively participating. It was launched internationally by the Antiphishing Working Group (APWG) and the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA). The Swiss chapter is coordinated by the Swiss Internet Security Alliance (SISA). It is open to all Swiss organizations wishing to raise awareness of cyber security among end users.

Interested in becoming a member?

You would like to become active and perhaps cover topics specific to your sector with us and reduce potential risks? We are glad to receive new members but would like to retain our sovereignty and credibility, for which reason an application for membership is necessary. This application will be considered by the 7 members of the board before you are contacted and the further procedure is discussed.

We distinguish between:

  • Platinum Members
  • Gold Members
  • Partners

We will be happy to discuss any membership opportunities and their conditions with you personally.

Please contact us by means of the Contact form.

Platin Members
Gold Members