Public or private? You decide.

Data Control

Keep your data under control, and decide for yourself who finds out what about you. Find out here how to curb the use of your personal data, and protect it from misuse.

Out of control – who knows what?

Whether via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram, we put our personal data online so that we can connect with other people.

It is quick and easy to upload pictures, videos or text to any of the social media platforms. Amid all this convenience, it is easy to forget that our content can be viewed by more people than we know of.

Do you know who has access to your personal data?

Take a look at your security settings, and keep control of your information.

Under control – but why?

  • Social media never forgets.
    Once content has been uploaded – whether words, images or sound – it can be accessed
    via the platform in question even years later.
  • Information can spread quickly.
    It is impossible to control who shares what content with whom.
  • We pay with our data.
    It’s free to use most social media platforms – or is it? Not entirely. We pay with our data. There are companies that pay money for our data, so that they can show us personalised advertising, for example. Be aware of what data about you is being passed on to others, and what isn’t.

Data Control

How to control your data:





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